Hall Of Fame

Since we started activities in the world of racing we had the pleasure to work with many talented, experianced and quick drivers. Many of them became friends and part of the Zele-Racing family over the years.

Here´s just a few of them as there are way to many to mention everyone we worked with in the past two decades:

  • Norbert Siedler (AT)
  • Tuka Rocha (BRA) +
  • Karl Wendlinger (AT)
  • Patrick Friesacher (AT)
  • Bernhard Auinger (AT)
  • Damien Faulkner (IRL)
  • Timo Glock (D)
  • Bas Leinders (BEL)
  • Giacomo Ricci (IT)
  • Narain Karthikeyan (IND)
  • Luciano Bacheta (GB)
  • Antonio Felix DaCosta (POR)
  • Andi Zuber (AT)
  • Martin Rump (EST)
  • Dennis Olsen (NOR)
  • Oscar Palm (SWE)
  • Lucas Auer (AT)
  • Harrison Newey (GB)
  • Stephane Richelmi (F)
  • Artem Markelov (RUS)
  • Luis SaSilva (ANG)
  • Vittorio Ghirelli (IT)
  • Sergio Campana (IT)
  • Sten Pentus (EST)
  • Antonio Pizzonia (BRA)
  • Christian Klien (AT)
  • Walter Lechner jun. (AT)
  • Jaime Melo (BRA)
  • Nicolas Filiberti (ARG)
  • Luca Filippi (IT)
  • Tom Dillmann (F)
  • Harald Shlegelmilhs (LAT)
  • Denis Dupont (BEL)
  • Alessio Picariello (BEL)
  • Franky Cheng Congfu (CHN)
  • Jeffrey Lee (CHN)
  • Hendrik Still (GER)
  • Wolfgang Triller (GER)
  • Laurin Heinrich (GER)
  • Enrico Fulgenzi (IT)
  • Gabriele Rindone (IT)
  • Andreas Corradina (IT)
  • Daniel Bilski (AUS)
  • Henk Kiks (NDL)
  • Georgy Donchev (BUL)
  • Marino Sato (JPN)
  • Yoshiaki Kuroda (JPN)
  • Alex Palou (ESP)
  • Dylan Pereira (LUX)
  • Nathanael Berthon (F)
  • Paul Rees (GB)
  • Christopher Zöchling (AUT)
  • Hannes Neuhauser (AUT)
  • and many more…..



There´s a selection of video footage of Zele-Racing events: Zele Racing AutoGP maiden victory, Luciano Bacheta, Marrakech 2013 First AutoGP podium 2013, Luciano Bacheta, Monza 2013 Onboard Lap Andi Zuber Slovakiaring  

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