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Racecar Sales


The fascination of owing a Formula  car may become reality easier than you thought.

Zele-Racing has contacts to F1, F2 and F3 owners and teams and will be able to help you finding the ideal piece of history.

No matter if you want to purchase a Formula 1 car for your private collection or have intentions to compete in BossGP or Historic F1 – we will help you to understand the complexity of owing and running a Formula car.

Following racecars are available at the moment:

– Dallara F308 complete car, race ready incl. choice of 2 different engine specifications, spares package included

– Dallara T12 World Series V8 rolling Chassis fully complete, less engine, running gear included

– Ralt RT3 1984 ground effect VW Spiess fully complete immaculate car Zero miles

– Ralt RT30 1985 flat floor VW Spiess fully complete immaculate car with new Spiess engine Zero miles

– Formula Ford Van Diemen RF98 Zetec 1,8 lt Zagk engine fully complete car (couple cars available) – Restauration pending

– Formula Ford Van Diemen RF86 1,6 lt  less engine rolling Chassis  – Restauration pending

– Lola T92/50 F3000 hybrid with Heini Mader 3.5 DFR V8 Formula1 engine, including spares package, blue met.


Please ask for further Details!

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