Preparation Is Everything

To sucessuflly kick off a new campaign it is crucial to check every little detail on a racecar. In other words it means to strip it down to a bare monocoque or gearbox maincase. This gives the mechanics and engineers the oportunity to check all items and components for wear or possible existing or beginning damage, cracks and failure. At Zele-Racing we have always put the focus on attention to detail but of course we also know how to please the customers and spectators eye with presenting a clean and shiny finished product in the end.

Gearbox Internals of a Ricardo 6-Speed gearbox ready for re-assembly
ZF Sachs Racing Dampers ready for re-assembly following service at the Factory
Brembo 6-pot brake calipers ready for re-assembly following inspection and cracktesting

Michael Zele: „To fully prep a big single seater racecar i.e. a Formula 2 or World Series car we require about 6 weeks intense labour time. This kind of work is typically carried out during the winter break by the teams. Basically every nut and bolt is being inspected, all components cleaned and checked or replaced to ensure reliability and safety on track“.

Dallara T12 Monocoque with a thin layer of fresh paint

Highly qualified team personnell with years of experiance in singleseater racing are carrying out the work on the singleseaters, GT´s, Prototypes and Touring cars being rebuilt at Zele-Racing.

No. 1 Mechanic Nicklas „Nicke“ Persson from Sweden rebuilding a steering rack

Michael Zele:“ A safe pair of hands is required for this kind of work. Not only the saftey and health of the drivers are on a shoestrings in powerful cars when travelling at speeds close to or way over 300kph. Besides that, there´s a lot of money involved if something goes wrong. Engine or gearbox failures are very costly and often caused by so-called fingertrouble and failures in the periphery or ancillaries. Often these „Penny-failures“ are responisble for an engine to pop or a gearbox to jam. Only attention to every little detail and expertise can help to keep things in perfect working condition“.

Gibson Technology ZRS03 3.4 Liter V8 Race Engine
No. 1 Mechanic Roberto „Tito“ Tabares from Argentina with a historic VW Spiess F3 engine
Porsche 962C Synchromesh 5 Speed gearbox during rebuild at Zele-Racing