HS Engineering teams up with Zele-Racing for 2021 Racing Season

Great news for the upcoming racing season:

Austrian based Company HS Engineering has entrusted Zele-Racing with running their newly acquired Dallara T12 – Gibson V8 World Series cars. HS Engineering, based at Siegendorf / Burgenland / Austria specializes in high tech metal coatings ( www.hstechnik.at ) and operated its own highly successful Formula 3 Team from 2003 – 2012.

ex Comtec Dallara T12

Currently all 3 Dallara T12 Chassis are undergoing a full rebuild at the Zele-Racing factory in Bleiburg. Two cars will be prepared for the upcoming BossGP racing season, the third chassis will be kept as a backup T-Car and will be available for professional private testing or trackdays.

HS Engineering founder Michael Hascic: „We are excited to have forged a cooperation with Zele-Racing over the past few months. Both Michael Zele and myself have a similar way of working and thinking thus it was a logical choice for us to team up for this project. We have ensured that everything we do is 100% spot on and we believe that the package is going to be very competitive. Currently both cockpits are still available.“

HS Engineering RaceTruck at Zele-Racing factory

Teammanager Michael Zele: „I feel honoured that we have been approached by HS Engineering to collaborate on this exciting project. We know each other already for over 15 years and there´s mutual respect between Michael Hascic and myself. We will put all our expertise and knowledge into this cooperation in order to provide immaculately prepared and reliable cars for either testing or the full racing season in BossGP. All chassis and electronics components are currently undergoing a full rebuild. Engines will be fresh rebuild with zero miles for the start of the season. We have literally every single sparepart in stock to ensure reliable running of the cars at the racetrack.“

ex Fortec Dallara T12